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Social Objective

We are expecting to generate 1000’s of Job opportunities for different class of people in the society directly. Farmers’ empowerment is also an objective of the company. This empowerment can be achieved by developing a strong organic farming network and procuring raw materials from this network directly with a reasonable price. This can generate thousands of job opportunities indirectly. The empowerment of farmers by this consolidation ensures a win – win situation.

Business Objective

Our economy is not lackadaisical, it is growing. A galloping economy like India endures the business objectives of entrepreneurs. The success determined by the quest of entrepreneurs. We are one among those. The food market is growing with population. People want variety of foods. While we evaluated this, we decided to develop wide array of products and differentiate our products from the competitor’s offerings. The company has a strong distribution network in India, reaching millions of customers through direct and indirect supply channels. Now we are making strategies to sell the products in Middle East Countries.